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Franktown Help General FAQ
Franktown Rocks Help
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General F.A.Q.

What is Franktown Rocks?
Franktown Rocks is a mutliplayer online game known as a virtual world. It was designed for kids ages 6-12. Players create a character, then walk around the city of Franktown interacting with each other, playing games, making music, listening to songs, watching videos, and much more. Some activities, such as playing games, allow players to earn virtual money (called Franks) which can be used to buy clothing, accessories, house stuff, musical instruments (and more) for their character.

Is it safe for my kids?
Yes! Our #1 concern at Franktown Rocks is keeping our visitors safe! That's why user activity on Franktown Rocks is carefully monitored by both human and electronic means. For more information on how we keep your child safe in Franktown, including our strict No Cyber-Bullying policy, click on the SAFETY button on the right side of this page.

Does it cost money to play?
It's free to play at Franktown Rocks. We do offer a premium membership for players who wish to unlock additional features and content, and you can purchase virtual money (called Franks) which can be used to buy things for your character, but neither is required to play in our world. To find out more, visit our membership page.

What are the benefits of Franktown Rocks?
Franktown Rocks is a safe and fun place for your kids to play, and a great place to learn and grow. In Franktown, children practice reading & keyboarding, learn about and make music, and participate in creative role playing. By accumulating and spending virtual money kids practice math and learn about money management. The social nature of Franktown Rocks, along with initiatives such as Keep the City Clean and the Good Citizen Award also help children develop important social skills and gain a deeper understanding of their role as members of a community.

Is the music and video content age-appropriate?
Absolutely. All music and video content on our site has been carefully screened for appropriateness. We only post content that is rated G and suitable for kids and families.

What is your refund policy?
Franktown Rocks memberships are non-refundable. You can, of course, use up any remaining purchased membership credit in your account.

We will gladly exchange, credit or refund your purchase of any physical merchandise from if returned within 30 days of the shipping date, excluding shipping and handling charges. To return by mail, please send prepaid via UPS or insured USPS. Be sure to include your name and address on the label (we will not accept any packages without a return name and address). Allow 2 weeks for processing.

See our store for complete details.

How soon does membership take effect?
Memberships are activated as soon as payment is received. This depends on the method of payment you choose;

Credit Card: Usually activated instantly.
PayPal: Usually activated within 1 day.
Check/Money Order: Usually activated within 2-4 weeks.
Pay By Cash: Usually activated within 2-4 weeks.
SurfPin (Pay By Phone): Usually activated within 1 day.

If the appropriate amount of time has passed and you have not received your membership, please contact us.

I paid for my membership but it doesn't seem active.
If you just made a payment, please log off and log back on again to activate your membership status. If you still do not have membership status, it is likely that your payment has not yet been received (see 'How soon does membership take effect?').

If the expected wait time has passed and you still require assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Is membership transferable?
Sorry! Memberships are non-transferable.

How do I change my membership package?
To change your membership package, simply cancel your recurring monthly membership and purchase the new membership package of your choice. Any remaining time from your monthly recurring membership will be added to your new membership.

How do I renew my membership?
If you purchased a monthly membership your membership will automatically renew each month to ensure uninterrupted membership service. If you purchased a pass (monthly or annual) you can simply purchase the membership package of your choice. As long as you use the same screen name and password when renewing, your membership will pick up right where it left off.

Note: If you currently have an active monthly recurring membership, you will not be allowed to renew your membership. You must first cancel your recurring billing and then renew your membership.

How do I change my method of payment?
To change your monthly membership fees to a new credit card, simply cancel your current membership and purchase a new membership using your updated information. As long as you use the same screen name, none of your items will be lost and any remaining membership time on your original membership will be added to your new membership.

Will my membership automatically renew?
The only time a membership will automatically renew is when you choose the monthly membership option, and select Credit Card from the list of payment options. This membership will automatically renew to ensure uninterrupted service. You can cancel this membership at anytime.

One month memberships purchased through PayPal, Surfpin, and PayByCash do not automatically renew.

How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your recurring membership, click on the MY ACCOUNT button below, login using your screen name and password, click the CANCEL option, and follow the instructions.

Note: Membership cancellations only apply to monthly recurring memberships purchased using a credit card. You may cancel your membership at any time. You will still receive the full membership period that you have purchased.


How soon will the cancellation take effect?
When you cancel your membership, it will automatically expire at the end of the 30 days you have purchased. For example, if you purchase a membership on the 10th day of a month, and then cancel your membership, (immediately or otherwise) you will be charged one time only, and your membership will automatically expire on the 10th day of the following month.

Cancellations can be made at any time during your billing period. You will not lose any membership time by canceling early.

What happens to my character's items after cancellation?
If your membership expires you will not lose any inventory or money acquired while you were a member. However the following changes will occur:
* You will no longer have access to the member-only items in your inventory, including your skateboard.
* You will no longer be able to buy member-only items in the world.
* Your Music Player reverts to the default song list and songs cannot be changed.
* You will have only limited access to videos
* You will no longer have access to the Member's Only areas of town.

Don't worry! All of your character's settings, privileges, and member-specific inventory will be automatically restored when you renew.


Franktown Rocks is a fun mutliplayer online game for kids 8-12. You can create a character and walk around the city of Franktown and play with other characters. You can play games, make music, complete quests, watch videos, drive cars, buy a pet and dress it up, add rooms and even an elevator to your house. Best of all, this social game (sometimes called an MMOG - which means "Massively Multiplayer Online Game") is totally free to play! So what are you waiting for? Whether you're a New User or a Returning User, you can start making friends and making music today!


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