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Advertising Policy on Franktown Rocks
Advertising Policy

To help offset costs and keep our membership rates low we feature banner ads on the public pages of our website. But there are no banner ads inside the game where kids play.

From time to time Franktown Rocks will partner with companies who share our corporate values;

  • Creativity: Empowering and encouraging kids to discover, create and imagine
  • Music & Art: Learn, play and love music and the arts
  • Morality: Making good decisions and choosing to do the right thing
  • Education: Learning really can be fun!
  • Responsibility: Taking care of yourself, the things you have, and the world around you

The nature of these partnerships may take the form of prize giveaways, product or logo placement within our virtual world, special offers and discounts on merchandise, or other value-added activities. It will not include graphic advertisements that contain a direct call to action.

We will not partner with companies who we do not feel offer a positive and beneficial product or service to children. This means no inappropriate, adult-themed, dangerous, unhealthy or negative products.